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Are you tired searching for an appropriate dishwasher repairs service in Mandurah?
Now that you have found a reputable service company there are steps that will help us to diagnose the
problem and move your service application along quickly.

1) Have the machine MAKE and MODEL ready when you call the technician. This information is displayed on
most modern appliances. It should be on the front console. It can also be on a sticker on the side of the
cabinet, or at the back. It will have a series of numbers and letters. For example: Bosch SMS-68.

2) Give the technician all the relative DESCRIPTION concerning the machine. Which should include:

  • a) If the appliance is under WARRANTY.
  • b) The AGE of the appliance.
  • c) If an ERROR CODE appears in the display window – this code MUST BE relayed to the technician.
  • d) When or where the appliance was purchased (if known).
  • e) A brief HISTORY of the appliance, to include previous service history on the machine.
  • f) A description of how the appliance is behaving (symptoms) or how it is malfunctioning. For
    example: “In the rinse cycle, it fails to drain”.

With such information, our technician can save you time and money by performing a pre-diagnosis and
bringing the appropriate parts with him when attending the job.